automation points in Nuendo 8

One thing i could do in Nuendo 7 was, if I had an automated track and wanted to raise the level of certain automaton points in a track, I could grab all of the points and pull them all up at once, including everything before the first automation point and everything after the last.

Now it seems that there is no way to do this any more without either (when I use the “scale vertically” nub at the top of the lane) Nuendo creating extra automation points around the area of the chosen points or, if i grab the points themselves, Ipulling up automation points that i haven’t chosen.

Is there something that i’m missing, some new method or setting?

I cant find a way to do it too, i have try it with grabbing + control key/ alt/ shift, :frowning:

I wonder if that features has been removed?

The “new” automation editing features which are enherited from Cubase are somehow different to the way this behaviour was in Nuendo.
You can “mimic” the old behaviour by changing the value (of the selected automation points) in the infoline.
So you have best of both worlds.


Thanks, Fredo. That works just fine and it does make the program a little better to have the added option.

Hey I have the same problem here… 8.2 adds automation events to the front and back of your selection.

This behaviour was present in 8.1 when using the range tool, but not with selecting points.

@Fredo: While this works to ‘move’ sections of automation vertically, sadly it doesn’t work with scaling your automation, changing the skew or compression options which I loved so much comming to Nuendo 8! I notice I keep having to delete the extra added automation events manually which is a pretty time consuming thing…

I hope it’s a bug and not a feature and treated as such… It might be nice to have a setting so you can choose wether you want to have the extra points added or not (or add a modifier! Like Are74 suggested…!)

Agreed. There are benefits to having different methods for different approaches but the extra points are a nuisance.

And remember that there is a new “EDIT - Infoline” key command…very handy.

I just wish that command would take me straight to the “value” box on the info line.

If you have some sort of keystroke automation software or hardware going you can get this done with the tab key, of course.

If you have some sort of keystroke automation software or hardware going you can get this done with the tab key, of course.

That was good advice. Thanks.


When researching the subject a bit more I found there was always the option of adding automation events to the start and finish of your ‘edit’ by using the range selection tool, in stead of the ‘object selection tool’, making the current situation redundant.