Automation Problem

Try as I might, I cannot assign automation to Cubase (Groove Agent 4, Windows 10, Cubase 8.5 64bit)
I am referring to complexity, intensity, swing, etc in the Performance Panel.
The manual says to right-click on arrows or icons, then assign by way of the drop-down menu.
I follow this instruction but get no drop-down menu.
Interestingly, if I open Groove Agent in stand alone mode, the drop-down menus appear on right-click.
When I open an instance of Groove Agent 4 inside Cubase, right clicking any of the items in the Performance Panel does not produce drop-down menus.
Groove Agent SE has the same issue.
What am I missing?
Or is there a glitch?

It works fine here using Cubase 9.5.

Make sure that you have the latest update installed:

The image you show is exactly what I get with standalone Groove Agent.
When I go through the same procedure with an instance of Groove Agent in Cubase, no drop-down menu. And yes, I have updated Cubase to the latest version. Also Groove Agent is the latest version.
Anyone got any clues?
A workaround maybe?

Think I have it sorted.
I use two screens. By habit I put effects, instruments etc on screen-2, and have Cubase on screen-1.
As soon as I drag Groove Agent onto screen-1, right-click is active regarding the Performance Panel. In other words, I get the drop-down menu and I can happily continue with automation.
When I drag Groove Agent back to screen-2, right-click is inactive on the Performance Panel. Although oddly, it is active with some functions.
Is that the way it is for others using two screens? Be interested to know.
Meantime, thanks for considering my problem.

Hi all,
I loaded Acoustic Agent into my GA SE 4 instance, everything OK, I did a drum track I like, but there absolutely no automation assignments offered in the “Automation” tab how I remember it used to be normally. I used to do automation in BEat Agent by routing from GA what I needed to a bus “Out” and then in Cubase, but in Acoustic Agent it is obviously possible only via Automation tab in GA. Any idea?