Automation puzzle

It’s become apparent to me that I don’t understand Automation well enough, even though I can use automation of standard volume easily enough.

What is puzzling me is this. If I go into Key editor and enter say some CC1 data (Mod), then I want to control/see it in a lane under my MIDI track, I can’t see the data.
Burrowing down the menus…clicking on the name of the automation track - by default “Volume” brings up a menu. If you click on “More” from this menu, then you get a folder list. One of these folders is called “MIDI Channel”. Within this folder is a folder called “All CC”. In this there is the standard list of controllers.

If you Select "CCI (Modulation) sure enough, you get a lane now labelled:

"MIDI Channel CC1 (Modulation)

The surprise to me is that this lane does NOT show the modulation you entered in the key editor or the drum map

Obivously I have something wrong in my understanding.

What is going on?


Midi CC data you record or draw in the key editor is not an automation. That’s why you don’t see it in project window automation lane.

But there is a function, look in the midi menu, to turn it into automation. It will disappear from key editor and show up in project window as automation.

The CC data will work the same way, so it’s up to you if you want it to be a part of midi part or you want to work with it as automation.