Automation Range? Like pitchbend*

Hello my favourite online community.

I was wondering if someone could enlighten me as to whether we have the ability in cubase 13 to set a value range for automation lanes in the same vain as pitchbend in the editor view?

If not. Do we think this would be a useful feature?

The value range is determined by the programmers (of Cubase or the plugin that you use).

I don’t think your idea is a useful addition to Cubase but others might agree with you. Why don’t you add the tag “feature-request” to your topic?

I think he means visually setting it.

With pitch bend you can tell Cubase to assume a range of say 2 semi tones and then it’s displayed like that. Range is still 14 bits.

I could imagine this to be helpful for CCs as well. Sometimes CCs are even used as discrete values with one or more thresholds. Would be nice to edit these thresholds as well and make Cubase snap to these values

Nail on the head. This is what I’m looking for

I am so old school that in my brain automation is anything that has to do with VST, while midi controller messages are, well, midi controller messages.

I have to learn that other people see these items as basically the same thing.

Yeah. It’s like growing up on a Nokia vs growing up on a iPhone. The way you think about things technologically and creatively is so different due to having such advanced tools at those developmentally vital stages. Super interesting. Probably why people are attracted to things like FL and Ableton more nowadays. 2 programs that heavily learn into more abstract forms of composition.