Automation range problem

I select this with snap to event

Then I change the volume or something else

Finally I move to a different moment in the timeline.

Any suggestion about how to avoid it with the automation?
I know it’s connected with with ramp at the start and at the end, is it possible to deactivate this behaviour.

Deactivate Preferences>Editing>Automation Follows Events.

but it’s exactly the opposite, I want that automation follows the event and I can’t get that these automation points move with the clip…

so you want that previous points of automation get deleted after moving events?

Exactly, or deleted if i delele the event, is it possible?

I think Pablo doesn’t want the “left over” automation that remains where the event used to be.


Does it matter that it is there though? If there’s nothing ‘under’ the automation it won’t affect anything, right?

Right but it’ll still be moving the fader or whatever unecessarily though…

I think I’ve just understood the issue. The problem is with the volume ramp imposed after having edited the range using the range editing box. In this case, the volume ramp is imposed outside of the range of the event.

@Pablo_Borghi you’re right. There doesn’t seem to be an easy way to manage that.

If you want to delete or move the event and automation including the ramp then perhaps don’t use snap and simply directly drag the range over the event and all the associated automation events including the ramp and then move or delete… or alternatively make a macro to extend the range selection.

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Thanks @stingray and @MattiasNYC , sorry, it’s not so easy for me to explain it English hahaha.