Automation shortcut problem

clicking with the mouse on the “w” on a track, arms just that track for writing automation - as it should.

If I use the shortcut key “w”, it arms several tracks for writing automation. “w” is set to “write automation for selected track on/off” in key commands.

Can’t find any obvs links between the tracks. They’re not routed to the same output, group, instrument or anything.

Happens with audio and instrument tracks.

Tried using a different shortcut key

Cubase 9, win 7

Anyone else get this?

Doesn’t happen as you report with my systems.

FWIW (though not important) I don’t think that’s a default keystroke(?)…on mine Alt-K puts all tracks into Write mode (which I think was default). If I change it to just “Selected tracks…” it works as it should. Same is true if I try to arm just selected tracks by assigning just W…so not as you’re seeing.

Have you confirmed it with a blank project starting with a blank template?

Thanks Nic. Seems to be happening just on the bunch of tracks that I’m working on at the moment but not in my template so I’m not sure what’s causing it.

Anywho, for now I’ve removed the key command and am accessing “write” by a remote control switch on my fighter twister which seems to be behaving as expected.

Very odd :slight_smile:

Weird indeed…there will be a logical explanation I’m sure but after a while of looking it’s often best to file and forget for the sake of one’s sanity IMHO.

Agreed!!! :slight_smile:

Maybe tracks are linked in mixer?

Linking tracks is what you do with one track applies to linked (fader, pan, rec, solo, etc.).

Thanks for your reply. Good shout but no, not linked in any way. Plus when I click the “w” with the mouse" only the selected track becomes write enabled which wouldn’t be the case with linked tracks.

Just some weird corruption I’m guessing . Unfortunately not repeatable in a new project so I can’t report as any sort of bug :slight_smile: