Automation spikes after moving clips. Bug?

When my client decided to make some more edits after I was done with the audio, I had to move some clips back and forth. I enabled ‘Automation follows events’ and got cracking. After a while I noticed some very nasty volume jumps. Checking the volume automation, it became clear that moving the clips resulted in short spikes in their volume automation. I attached some pictures to clarify. Can anyone confirm?



Screen Shot 2019-11-06 at 16.44.47.png

You probably have to create a more structured set of steps for troubleshooting. I can certainly imagine cases where you would and probably should see what you see…

Well, enlighten me. I have a clip and some volume automation. I move the clip forwards or backwards and now the automation is screwed up. In what way is it supposed to do that?

I think the question is how far a clip is moved and where to. Like I said, it’s not obvious to me that there isn’t a case where another automation node is added after a clip is moved. I agree that if you move something a couple of frames and back then automation should probably return to where it was, but perhaps there are cases where if you move the clip further away so it stands alone and no longer overlaps the logical thing is for automation to add a node at some point.

This is why I said it would be better if you could be more specific. But if I find time I’ll just try it later to confirm.

Thanks. I don’t have time to do trouble shooting now. I’ll have to look into it later. But I can say this: I have moved clips with automation many times before and up till N8 this has worked flawlessly. Hence my post. I’ll report back after some more testing.