Automation tilting, scaling or compressing adds events.


I love Nuendo 10! Awesome release guys! Thanks!

I’ve posted this before in a different section of the forum. It got some traction from fellow users but never any response from Steinberg/devs and so I decided to contact support about it. They told me to post this here;

Eric Chabane (Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH)

Sep 23, 2020, 10:06 GMT+2

Dear Guido,

Thanks for contacting the Steinberg Technical Support.

We are sorry for the delay, we are facing an unusual amount of requests.

Please submit your feature request on our official forum, in the feature request section.

Our products specialists as well as our planning managers will review it directly.


Eric Chabane

So technically a repost but here goes:

One ‘bug’ that is still present in Nuendo 10 - It got introduced in Nuendo 8.2 - has to do with editing automation. It’s a bit complex to explain without getting wordy so I made a video:

I’ll try and do a short explanation in text:
In Nuendo 8.1 and before you could edit automation in 2 ways. The first was to select the points you wanted to edit with the Object Selection tool, “Tilt”, “Scale”, or “Compress” the material and any automation before or after the selected events would be ‘bent’ towards the new position of your starting or ending points (or ‘Automation Events’), making sure the entire automation pass remained fluent.

The second was to make a selection using the Range Selection tool instead. Any editing done would work identical but by using the range selection tool Nuendo puts an extra point (or Automation Event) before and/or after your selection making sure any automation data before or after the selected events would not be altered in any way, in essence isolating outlying parts from your editting.

Super usefull to have these two options, and I used them both a lot! Since 8.2 however, using the Object Selection tool exhibits the same behavior as the range selection tool. When using “Tilt”, “Scale”, or “Compress” to edit the automation, it creates extra points (or Automation Events) at the start and/or ending of your edit. Points you have to then manually remove (and are easy to overlook and miss resulting in unintended jumps in automation) if you want the automation to resolve with your edit fluently.

I use automation, specifically your scale, tilt and compress functions a lot so getting this remedied is something that would make me very happy.


This makes sence! Why to have the same behavior on different tools?

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Yes! And having it ‘bend’ the way it used to was so incredibly usefull!I was really sad to see that feature go :frowning:

Let’s hope it’s a bug to solve for devs in later versions)

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Hey guys,

Chiming in here. Nuendo 11 came, and it is awesome in many regards. I love the new export functionality, however this thing is still in there!

This is at this time still one of the biggest hits to my workflow. I was hoping to get used to it at some point but it is still something that I keep bumping my head on.

Seriously hope you’re able to remedy this.