Automation to WAVE

Hi all,

i hope you can help me. I have Cubase 10 Pro and problems with automation.
My problems:

  1. I want to record automation data directly as a wave file. Meaning I record my automation in with the recording cycle, but instead of recording the automation data I would love to have each new take as new wave file. Is that possible?
  2. I have a 64 bit VST Plugin, where I would love to record automation data. But - when I change the pattern in the Plugin, it always records only one track and is not opening new tracks (e.g. each new effect or change in the plugin results in a new automation track). Any idea what I could do here? Changing the patternReRecording each new pattern would be to stressy :wink:.

Really appriciate your help.


Hi and welcome,

  1. No, there are no layers or versions for the Automation tracks.

  2. What kind of “track” (one track; new track) do you mean? What plug-in is it? What do you want to achieve?