Automation: TOUCH - does it work as intended?

the manual says:
punch out occurs as soon as you release the control.
after punch out, the control will return to the previously set value.
:arrow_right: does NOT for me.

Was there, in fact, a previous (written) value, or are you referring to the first automation pass?

well, the latter one.

In that case, all is normal (Cubase considers that it doesn’t have a previous value to return to :wink: )
Maybe you want to first write an initial value (e.g. at the start of the track)

Äh :open_mouth: :blush: sorry man, have mistaken from english/german … well OF COURSE was there a PREVIOUS taken automation lane !! but after punch out, THIS previous value wasn´t there anymore :open_mouth:

Ah! You are right… I had completely forgotten about a long and heated debate about the new automation in Cubase 5! (there was a lot of confusion, because, quite apart from the new behavior from Cubase 4, there was also initially a bug, so it was difficult to know what the new intended behavior was supposed to be. The net result of all that, was that Steinberg decided (just for Cubase, not for Nuendo) to re-implement the writing of the last automation value as 'Fill to End", if there was no further automation present on that track after the dropout point.)
The unfortunate side-effect of that is that, of course Touch mode (nor even Auto-Latch) make sense any more.

Workaround?.. Before doing the new automation pass, insert another automation point, later on the track (e;g. at the end).

(I had a feeling, at the time, that this would be a “can of worms”! :wink: )

ok, got it. very interesting point. :nerd: