Automation using the draw tool vs automation lanes

So, what I really like, as a visually inclined person, is that you can use the Draw tool to accomplish volume changes of an audio event while the waveform image changes in real time! For this you draw on the waveform directly. Of course, volume changes can also be implemented by using an automation lane. Is there crosstalk between these two approaches? After drawing the volume changes on the waveform I am not able to select these automation points and copy-paste them to the automation lane?! I would love to be able, at least, to do it the other way around:

For instance, I’m using Waves Vocal Rider on vocals and I know how to write the level changes with the plugin and to copy-paste these to a volume automation lane. Now, I would love to copy-paste these different automation points in the automation lane to the (curve I could draw on the) waveform so I would be able to visually inspect the effect of the Vocal Rider plugin and subsequently tweak some points up and down. Is this possible?


Unfortunately this is not possible.