automation vanished!

hello folks,
in cubase 4.5 i unloaded an vst and when i reloaded the same vst a couple of days later the automation on the track was no longer there.this does not make sense as the track was not altered in any way.can anybody tell me what i am missing or where the automation might be stored.
thanks in advance. paul.

Unloading an instrument will also “unload” automation tracks which are tied to one of the VSTi´s parameters.

thanks thinkingcap,
does that mean it is totally lost and i may forget it or is it stored somewhere?

I’ d say it is gone, unless you have an earlier project backup with the automation still available.

yes i have an earlier do i transfer it from the old version to the new?do i just import the midi file to the new and it follows?

solved. :smiley: