I want some instruction on how to automate volume changes and pan changes and any else that can be Manipulated with automation like changing the pot level of an effect you were sending to during the course of the song
Thanks for any support.

Sorry but Music Studio doesn’t feature volume or pan automation. Only the filter effect can be automated. If you need automation, Cubasis 3 (which is currently on sale) may be what you’re looking for :slight_smile:

Well, I just love this program. If those things were included, boy it would be a powerhouse for the value. Are there any additional sounds like more realistic bases that you can purchase? I had already purchased the expansion pack years ago.

Glad to hear that :blush: The in app-purchases that you see in the in-app shop are all there is. If you purchased the all-in-one pack, you have all the instruments. But if you happen to have realistic bass samples, you can build your own instrument from them using the built-in sampler.