Automatizations won't work when opening project in another computer


We are working on a pre-pro for an album and i’ve run into some problems and hopefully we can find solution. :pray:

Basically the writing process started on different computer (the artist that i am working with). When artist is ready with writing he sends the project to me, where i start mixing. Mostly we work with midi and VSTs. Everything translates fine, even all the automatizations are written BUT the problem is Cubase can’t find the VSTs or the plugins, so obviously automatizations can’t work. We taught that the problem might be in the different installation path but this was also not the case, because we tried to do the opposite… I created “test” project with some automatizations and send it back to him. The result was strange. It seems some VSTs are working and some not. Also when opening the project, Cubase warns of that missing VST, so we know what is the problem but not sure how to solve it.

We are both using Win 10, Cubase 12 Pro, same plugins, same pre-sets.

Tnx in advance!!


So your actual problem is not the automation but that Cubase says that VST plugins are missing, even though you think you habe the same plugins installed?
That can have one cause: is it possible that one of you installed the VST2 version and the other the VST3 version of those instruments? Some developers chose (for whatever reason) to give different plugin IDs to both the VST2 and VST3 version, and then Cubase considers them as different plugins. That’s what I would check first.
(I assume that you have the exact same versions of said instruments installed, of course)


Right! This might be it. :innocent: Tnx for the idea!

Yes, this was indeed the case! Thank you fese! :pray: