Autosave fail- lost hours of work! :(

Hi there, Cubase 8 has crashed on me, but what’s worse is autosave which is setup to backup every 15 minutes, meaning I’ve lost the last 3 hours work.

It’s a pretty intensive project with lots of plugins, battery 4, addictive drummer, UAD plugins etc. I’ve contacted support but hopefully someone might know of a reason why autosave wouldn’t work?

Many thanks,


Apparently “Autosave” does not function while Cubase is in the “Play” function (it’s been a complaint and feature request to fix this concern for some time now). So, if you were doing a lot of editing, say as example in “Cycle Mode”, the autosave would be useless during that time.

The only way around this is to click “Save” yourself every so often. Sorry. :frowning:

Maybe support can assist you to recover the file. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Meanwhile… it’s worth training yourself to hit Ctrl+s regularly, as i think many of us do after similar experiences…

Ctrl+S or Command+S needs to be a nervous tick when running a DAW and I dont care which one you use, save OFTEN.

Been there, feel the pain, I think everyone has…CTRL alt S for sequential saving (this will stop the pain of your project getting corrupted, not that that’s happened to me in 5 years but once bitten :wink: ), the minute you feel that juice flowing, get it stored away :wink:

Your sure there are no .bak files in the folder of your project with saves on them?

I use ctrl alt S. This creates a numbered incremental file. So even if a project get corrupted you have a working version a few saves back.

This is really good to know. I see my husband constantly saving saving saving and I’m always assuring him, don’t worry, there’s autosave, remember??? He just says, “well, the universe doesn’t work that way for me.” lol. I owe him an apology.

Thanks guys, lesson learned. There were no .bak files from this session unfortunately. I will just get into the habit of hitting Ctrl+s regularly.

Try CTRL Alt S. Numbered incremental save. So old versions are kept. Great for if a project develops a fault or if you need something from an old version.

I’ve changed the command for save so that when I hit ctrl+s it saves a numbered copy and doesn’t loose previous versions

Never had Autosave issues. But yeah, I press Ctrl+S regularly. And also increment saving for song versions. Sometimes you mess something really bad and would like to roll back to an old version.