autosave long freeze

I like Cubase!
Wildly annoying autosave. It turns on unexpectedly, just at that moment when you
need to do something quickly and keep waiting for about 20 seconds. At this time, I commemorate
the programmers of Steinberg with bad words. I do not want, but how else? I’ve SSD-system disk.
My projects are approximately the size of 50-70mb. Not so much for a small orchestra.
In my opinion, it’s time to change the autosave model and make sure that it does not interrupt the work!
I downloaded and installed the program on my iPhone, so that every 15 minutes it would do “ding!”.
And I do the save manually. It’s certainly funny, but it makes workflow less nervous.
It is practically the same as an autosave, only I deliberately interrupt.
But the program does not interrupt me, because IT now wants to auto-save.
If cubase could be autosave less noticeable - it would be much better!