Autosave suddenly wasn't autosaving...

I’ve got autosave on for every 15 minutes. Never had a problem until this morning. After I had been working on a project for about 8 hours, Cubase crashed. No biggie, I should have plenty of backups. Strangely enough, I only had backups up until 3 hours before the crash. The most recent .cpr and .bak was 3 hours old, and there was no trace of the more recent project I was working on. The autosave option was still checked as it always should be.

Has anyone else had this happen? Like I said, completely out of the blue, never had this issue before.

Furthermore, is there some secret place on the hard drive Cubase might’ve dumped them? Doubtful, but who knows…

Sounds like one of those strange little crashes that can occur occasionally, probably sorted by restarting Cubase or a re-boot of the O/S.

The question is… Does it still not auto-save after a restart?

Nah, autosaving is working fine again now. (I watched it like a hawk)

But yeah, a strange little crash I guess. But it must’ve stopped autosaving 3 hours before the crash, unless it knows how to suddenly delete a bunch of backups?

Yeah, I had this issue a while back as well. I had it set at 15 minutes, like you. I lost about 6-7 hours of work. I had to DISABLE it, then reenable it to get it to work again. ?

I MANUALLY save my projects now. Phuck that! Its better I do it myself anyway imo. People just dumb us down by having it all automated, and it MIGHT NOT work when you need it to anyway, for some unknown reason (maybe updating?)…so why risk it?

Save yourself!, and save it yourself!

Yeah, I’m ctrl-S-ing much more often now. Even more than that, I’m checking to see if it actually writes to the file!

Don’t forget the odd Ctrl, Alt, S every now and then.