Autotune 7 64bit released!

Finally. Has somebody tried it already?

Yes, I’m using it on OSX.
Till now it’s solid…

Out of curiosity, how does this hold up against VariAudio and Melodyne?

i’ve demo’d autotune many times over the years. and i use melodyne a lot. melodyne sounds more natural, and can do lots of fancy stuff. of course, auto tune fans will now jump in and say the opposite! see if demos are there to try, then try them. only you can know what you prefer.
Ed :slight_smile:

agree with ESS, I have autotune and melodyne…melodyne definitely the most natural and least artifacts but i always end up using vari because it’s quicker and for a few tweaks here and there you just can’t spot the difference and considering the price of mel and auto I really did not need to buy them ( knowing what I know now ) hindsight is a wonderful thing !!

I for one am disappointed that VariAudio 2.0 isn’t going to be polyphonic. :frowning: Hopefully this will be in a future update.

The way I see it, that leaves DAWs (StudioOne 2) with Melodyne integration on top in the audio editing world.

I can’t use it on C7 64-bit. It crashes Cubase with “A serious error has occurred…”

I’ve just used autotune 7 on my cubase 7 64 bit with no problems at all…Kevin

Autotune 7.5.3 is also crashing me as well.

Fully patched Cubase 7 64 bit

Fully Patched Windows 7 64 Bit



autotune seems to corrupt the session at one point. then that happens you get the error every time.
I I start a new session that never had AT7 there is no crash, but once it happens it always does. No matter if you remove, reload plugin.

this is very frustrating. I never heard back from Antares when I wrote them…

I have the exact same problem. All my other plugins work fine on my computer…No problems anymore. I actually had the same kind of problems with Waves plugins, but I called their customer support and they helped me out so now all the waves plugs run flawlessly. Autotune 7 is a different story…What’s strange is that autotune 7 works fine on some of the tracks in the project, but on other tracks the autotune plugin editor window is blank and it also often ends up crashing Cubase. Creating a new track with autotune 7 won’t work neither…Has anyone found a solution to this yet? Really hope someone can help…Hmmm…Is Cubase 7 unstable in Win 7 in general? I find it really surprising that a brand new computer can have these kind of glitches in a DAW that has excisted for this long and this is with legit and updated plugs…Same kind of problems in Pro Tools and other DAWs or is this a Cubase thing?

Hey guys, have you heard back from Antares? Having similiar probs in OSX 64bit.


I still use the 32-bit version with jbridge. Steinberg and Antares are both ignoring the issue…

Fjiuuuuu, not so cool.

Are you able to track tune & time and copy the AT instance to another channel when the plug is hosted by jBridge?

yes, everything works normal with jbridge. I only use the auto mode and have not tried graphic/edit mode, though.

theother, using the “tune & time” tracking makes the difference.

Try capturing the tune & time of one channel ending the process with “Make curve” and then copy this instance to another channel you want to be affected by channel one’s tune & time.