autotune 7 crashing cubase

Autotune 7 x64 is crashing my current working track. I’ve the latest version of everything and when I go to insert the plugin I sometimes get a crash, other times once in the project opening the plugin window, it’s white and I get a crash with a nasty audio buzz.



screen grab:

autotune crash.jpg

I was getting a similar crash with AT7. Here are a couple of things I did:

Installed the latest version of ilok manager, and at7
Made sure the ilok key was in a compatible USB Port

In Nuendo, go to Plug In Information, and where you can add folders for Nuendo to find plugins, I removed the whole list. I don’t get crashes anymore with AT7.

Good luck.

thanks Jo,

will give that a go, just spent all morning trying to narrow this one down as it’s quite random, some projects are fine, this current one just a no go!


result :slight_smile:

thanks Jo, I’ve just done as you said and it’s now working fine.

with the Whole VST2-3 plugin situation there’s now the possibility of plugin .dll’s all over the place, I’m sure this doesn’t help, the old ‘VST plugins folder’ was a lot simpler to jeep under control.

I didn’t realise that those extra plugin places in the plugin information menu weren’t needed.

thanks again


back again today…instant crash opening autotune…

got clients in today so this is bad!!!

the plugin folders are back as you can’t permanently delete them.


Same problem here.

What I find is that if AT7 is in the project at the start then it seems to be ok. Adding it in later causes a crash. It’s when the GUI of AT7 opens…

exactly, it will work if you manage to get it inserted but opening the GUI causes an instant crash.

The GUI opens with a white window.


just updated my GFx drivers just in case, same problem.

Works perfectly well in Reaper.


I have the same problem. I reported it to Antares as well. Seems to be ram related? It happens to me in large projects with lots of vsti’s. I’ve had to go back to running the 32 bit version bridged with jbridge.

I forgot to add, that I had uninstalled all Autotune software, prior to installing only the 64 bit version.

I’ve only got the x64 bit version installed, a fresh install just to make sure. I removed every V.I. from my project one by one yesterday to see if I could find a culprit. I ended up with just audio tracks and the same issue.

I have 32 gigs of RAM on my machine do I doubt I’m running out of memory!

As it runs fine with Reaper regardless off project size, I think this is a Steinberg issue.


Can you create a repro recipe for that? It would be helpful.

Also, possibly of interest, this issue resembles something that was reported last year in

This is Exactly the same issue! Why is the thread locked???

Autotune is one of the most used plugins in my world , having this issue is a real show stopper for me.

Unfortunately there’s no repro , I can open 5 projects with it in and no problem, start a new project and sometimes it will insert fine, other times it will crash on first loading, other times it will crash when opening the GUI, which will be white.

I can send you the project file of the track I’m working on where it crashes 100% of the time if I open it.

AS I said it works 100% reliably in Reaper so I think it’s a Steinberg issue.

I’ve tried it with different audio devices and it’s not that.

I’ll have another look at this today as I’m still working on this track.



after talking to a few people and doing some more testing, this seems to be a memory issue due to auto tune being badly coded from the 32 to 64 bit update. the plugin is basically still acting like an x86 plugin so crashes when the 32bit ram celling is reached.

after further testing reaper also exhibited the same issue as does studio 1.

I’m going to get on the case with Antares as it’s their problem.



Well done for figuring it out Marcus!! Thanks for the info.


No problem, I had some help behind the scenes on this one so don’t want to take full credit for it.

However it would seem it’s down to users rather than the Devs of Reaper/Cubendo/Studio one to get onto Antares about this, there seems to be some sort of political etiquette that stops finger wagging from bigger companies to plugin developers in cases like this.

You learn something new everyday :smiley:


A case of once one knows what the problem is, it is easier to force it to happen. Up until then it’s crap shoot!

Thanks for getting to that. I will be on the lookout in future, though Antares will probably fix it by the time I get to use AT again. I have been finding Cubase’s tuning adjustment facilities more useful for what I had to do.