Autotune in Cubase

Hi. I want to add an autotune in my cubase element 10.5 . Wicht is the better option?

do you mean you want to add Antares Autotune ? or do you mean you just want a ‘generic’ pitch correction plugin…(I would recommend melodyne)

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I’m not sure if it’s included in Elements 10.5, but according to this page it’s included in Elements 11.

The Cubase Pitch Correct Plugin works on monophonic audio):

For polyphonic Audio pitch correction I also use Melodyne :smiley:

Thak you for the tip but Melodyme is very expensive… I m just an amateur. Mayby if i upgrade from elements to the pro version 11 I will have Variaudio and other benefits in the media bay. Will be enought for me?

I think Variaudio will do what you want

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I dont find it in the 10.5. For upgrade I m thinking in artist o pro version. There is also variaudio in those version…

yes - variaudio is in Artist too :slight_smile:

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