Autoupdating event names after track rename

One thing that I find a bit of a nuisance is that the names that appear in the top left corner of the events do not update if the tracks are renamed. For example, if I have a track named “Percussion”, any event that is recorded onto that track pane will have the name “Percussion” on the event itself. However, if I go and rename the track to “Shaker”, the event name still reads “Percussion”. I find it a bit hard on the eyes when events on the same track have different names from various stages of the project, especially when you are working with a ton of MIDI tracks. Making the event names update automatically as the tracks are renamed would make it a bit easier to navigate around the project.

Anyone else second this?

I think in some cases you will not want this to happen because I would assume also the files would then be treated as separate files: e.g. when you duplicate a track, the new track will hold all the events of the source track and the events/files keep the original name too.

It is quite easy to name the events/files according to track name by using shift+enter when renaming the track. So, I am not for this change.

I wouldn’t want it because I have a huge sample library and with the clips keeping their original names I can trace where they come from, plus when doing vocal comps I can trace which take a phrase came from. The shift enter option is fine for me if I want all clips uniformly named.

Wow. I have been working with Cubase for years and i did not know about the shift+enter function lol. Thanks for the replies guys. After reading your posts, i have to say that i am also not for the proposed change lol.

I wasn’t aware of this kc but it’s brilliant!! :smiley: Thanks hko!

Six years later and this thread just made my day! Thanks guys