AUv3 synths crackling crazy in Cubasis 3

So a horrible start to 2021. For no good reason, ALL or any of my audio unit synths crackle when used in cubasis 3. Don’t know about 2, I no longer use it.

I was contacting wizdom music about their ‘geoshred’ product causing a crackle, but then when I tried simply anything else, that crackled too. A very basic one that I don’t use and never gets above 25% cpu on its own, was fine.

I don’t know what’s up, each of these was in a track on its own, with no other, or one other, instance of itself in another track, at most. And not playing.

Factory synth, Audiokit D1, Geoshred, anything MIDI I tried to use as the sole instrument in my almost empty song project, just crackled intermittently, but a lot. Exactly like cpu overload, but sometimes cpu meter was as low as 45% or so when this crackle set in.

My iPad Pro 2 has 512gb SSD, and half of that is free. No other apps loaded, and i rebooted before loading the auv3 midi instrument in afresh.

I gave Cubasis 3 a 5-star review in the app store, and this doesn’t change that, unless it drags on. I am assuming it can be fixed.

Really a surprise - I updated to 14.3 ipadOS, and can’t think of anything else I did, since when a couple of weeks ago, these synths were fine I think.

My best to all.


Thanks for your message, we are sorry to read about your issues.

Please give the following steps a try:

  • Load an empty project
  • Close all running apps, including Cubasis
  • Shut down the iPad

Does this help to resolve the problem?

Alongside, please check if our dedicated Cubasis Multicore-rendering & Latency Settings article is of additional help for you.

& stay well,

Hi, well, done the clean close-down and reboot and I never usually run anything simultaneously when doing music in iOS.

Ok, IMPORTANT… Cubasis 2 works absolutely perfect with the AudioUnit synths etc, that fail to be workable in Cubasis 3. So this is a Cubasis 3 specific issue?

Any AUv3 at all, pretty much, is unusable in Cubasis 3 now, since first reporting this, I basically can’t make any of the instruments I have from appstore work without this extraordinary crackling sound. The only thing I am aware that changed, was I updated to iOS 14.3, because many developers said iOS 14.2 had a bad audiounit or sound bug in it?

On the other hand, as I have now found, Cubasis 2 I have kept updated also, but did not expect to use, works perfectly with the self-same audiounit instruments.

So, that kind of says, Cub 3 could be made to work, but doesn’t precisely rule out that the iOS update from 14.2 to 14.3 klutzed it?

Anyways, over my head, and over to you at Dev Central Lars, sorry.

my best
IRM aka richard getts

Ok, back again after some more ‘testing’,

  • LATENCY is connected with the issue or is a symptom. If I set the old Cubasis 2 app to run the self-same Magellan 2 or Audiokit D1 or Geoshred or etc Audio Unit app as in Cubasis 3, it plays fine except for that weird ‘key held down’ glitch that occurs sporadically, anyway stay on point…then if I set the latency of something (sorry!) to ‘Ultra low’ in settings, it starts to do the crackling, same as Cubasis 3 does. If I set this back to simply ‘Low’ then it’s fine again to play in Cub 2.

Meanwhile, I skip back to Cubasis 3, having knocked off Cubasis 2 by swiping it up, and I had it set at 43ms for some ‘device’ setting, this is as slow as I can make it, and it still crackles. If I cut that in half, to 20 something ms, it crackles worse. This we would expect of course, the whole point of extending these settings is to permit the device time to process, and avoid crackling or other glitches.

Rebooting etc the device makes no difference I can see.

To all intents and purposes, it is as if you were bumping up against the 100% CPU level, with all the attendant problems that has.

Best regards.

Hello, this brings us back to my post “Only problems with Audio Engine Latency”, which unfortunately remained unanswered by Steinberg until today.

I have the same problem and was able to solve it by simply disabling this feature. All of a sudden there was no more noise and no more heavy DSP kick.

Give it a try. Turning it off should help you too.


Well, you know what, it just did!

Fr***in heck. This unfortunately means the 6 cores probably are not being utilised then, which apparently my Ipad pro 2 has, the A10X chip.

So, this is good, but also bad.

I suppose, we can conclude that the multi-core bit of Cubasis 3 then, is the issue? Whatever it has that does the juggling, is something around the problem maybe. This is way beyond me marshmellow, but thanks very much, this makes the DSP about ten percent higher for playing geoshred sax at least, but on the other hand, it doesn’t crackle while playing.

A gosh-darned shame, but I will try and work with it…I hope Lars and co can iron this out, I have become a lot more fond of Cub 3 than I used to be, as I came with a negative impression due to my disaster of a music-making time on Cubase 9.5, ahwell, at least it plays, I must stay positive, it’s 2021 and I fully intend it gets a polish, no matter how smelly it started out!

my best and thank you so much marshmellow, for the interim fix at least.