AUv3 vs AUv2

The VST SDK 3.7.1 does not longer seem to support AUv2.
I am also not able to compile the AUv2 examples of the VST SDK 3.7 on MacOS 11/Xcode12.

I would not mind if AUv2 gets dropped. It’s an ugly and superfluous plugin-format. auval Validation is buggy since a couple of years (Apple’s fault). The Carbon framework is deprecated (we all know Apple’s planned obsolescence). We devs ned to run ugly scripts in the installers or the customers need to reboot after an AU install.

  1. Is AUv3 able to completely replace AUv2 already?

  2. Isn’t AUv3 mainly an IPad app format with a fixed resolution? Do I need to create a special .uidesc for it?

  3. How can I add AUv3 support to an existing project like ‘HelloWorldWithVSTGUI’? There is no proper documentation how to add AUv3 support to an existing project.


Hi Marcus,

I can still build the AUv2 wrapper using 3.7.1. The CoreAudio headers have to be placed in a folder called and it’ll create the auwrapper lib target for you.


So what is the final result? Can I wrap a self-coded vst3 to AUV2 with the newest SDK, macos, machine, etc?
I have vst-sdk_3.7.8, XCode 14.3, macos Ventura on Arm M2. Any chance?
The Vst3 seem to work. Just thinking about the Logic-users.
The folder public.sdk/source/vst/auwrapper/again has disappeared in vst3sdk since 3.7
Is it still possible to make an AUV2 without it?