auwrapper and parameter changes in Logic

When using Logic and our AU plugin using the auwrapper, we noticed that parameter changes made in the UI do not seem to be propagated to the processor side of the plug-in unless and until the transport is run. This means that if a user (for somer reason) makes changes in the UI, then saves their project in Logic, but does NOT run the transport at all after making the parameter changes and before saving, then the values that the processor side saves are the old values, not the ones just set in the UI.

Other hosts do not have this problem (at least the ones we’ve tested so far).

Has anyone else seen this problem? If so, is there a fix that we can apply to the wrapper code to push those changes to the processor side without having to run the transport?

We are telling users that until we have a fix, they need to make sure to run the transport once before saving, to make sure any changes are saved. (I don’t know why a user would make changes and save them without at least listening to the change once, but it’s been reported in the field, so we have to address it.)