Auwrapper synth

does auwrapper supports Instruments/Synths?
I have built a lot of VST3-Effects with auwrapper, they work fine in Logic. Pro X 10.4.8
But my VST3-Synth not.
The Logic Plugin-Manager runs with errorcode: initialize result -10875.
‘Can not open’ .
(The VST3-Synth itself runs in the VSTTestHost)

Thanks for answer

The auwrapper supports instruments. Our own instruments like Padshop, Retrologe and HALion uses it. Have you tried to run the auval tool directly?

Thank you for your reply.
Yes, I tried auval. It gives the same result:
FATAL ERROR : initialize: result -10875

I’ve found the reason for the problem:
I made a mistake in returning the output channels number.
Thank you