Auwrapper.xcodeproj is missing

The first step of using the AUv2 wrapper, according to the guide , is

build the auwrapper project (public.sdk/source/vst/auwrapper/auwrapper.xcodeproj)

However, there is no such file to be found in that folder, neither in the direct download version of the sdk nor on github… Is the guide outdated or what is going on here?

You first need to build the SDK and then you should have the xcode project. You may need to download the CoreAudio SDK from Apple and point cmake to it when building the SDK with it.

By building the SDK, do you mean what’s done in the “building the examples” article or something else? Also, as someone who hasn’t really used cmake before starting to work with the VST3 SDK, how would I do that?

Yes, start with that. You should also first concentrate on VST3 and do AUv2 later on as this is not an easy task.

That’s the thing - I’ve got the VST3 version up and running already, but a few people have been asking me to do an AU version, so i’m trying to get that going now.

Building the SDK without CoreAudio didn’t create the xcode project - as said, I don’t really know how you’d point CMake to it though.

First you need the CoreAudio SDK. Without it, it is not possible to build AUv2 plug-ins. It’s only possible to build AUv3 plug-ins without the CoreAudio SDK.
If you have found and downloaded it, you have to tell cmake where you have it installed. This is done on the command line with