Aux and Master Track

I learned mixing in Protools 12 HD, and i want to apply it in cubase 8.5 Pro
In Protools i made Aux tracks and i controled them by Master tracks
So i have many Aux tracks and Master tracks
How can i apply this in cubase please ?

Hi and welcome,

AUX channels are called FX Channels in Cubase. Master Channel is mostly called Stereo Out.

Am mixing on Protools
I want to mix on cubase
In protools i use aux channel and Master fader ( master channel was wrong writing from me, sorry )
And i use buses
How can i do this in cubase
Now i inow the aux = fx
What about master faders and buses ?
Thank you


What kind of routing do you want to make, please?

In Cubase, you have a (Audio) Channel. Via Send you can route it to the FX Channel, Group Channel or any Output Channel. You have up to 8 Sends slots.

Then you can route the (Audio) Channel out to a FX Channel, Group Channel or Output Channel. If you want to route to several outputs at the same time, you can use Direct Routing and route the signal up to 8 FXs/Groups/Outputs from the (Audio) Channel Out.

In history, you could route from Send to a FX only (not a Group), and from the output to a Group (not to a FX). But today you can route both from both. So the FX and the Group is almost the same today in Cubase.

Then any Out is routed to the busses in the Audio Connections window.

What if you just want an Aux track to monitor your external hardware?


Then you can add an Audio track, set the correct input and enable Monitor. That’s it. You don’t need more.

If you want the signal on a Group or FX Channel for any reason, then you add a Group (or DX) Channel, route the output of the Audio track to the Group/FX…