AUX input in cubase

Hi. i watch this guy is videos and he use pro tools:
i tried to do the same in the cubase use this video as a reference:
but it doesn’t work for me.
can someone explain me how to do it step by step please?

The video is step by step already. How much more step by step do you think it should get?
Apart from that, the two videos explain two more or less different things.
So what are you trying to do, what does not work, and what software are you using with which hardware, on which Computer system?

Cubase. I tell you what i did.
i press F4 than in the input tab i open 5 bus chanels. than i make 5 FX chanels and try to select the buses but they don’t show up.

Cubase what ??? There is no version called only “Cubase”

You can´t select input busses as inputs for FX tracks.

sorry. cubase 9 pro.
i’m new into cubase or any other DAW and this is why i’m looking for someone who will tell me what i need to do in this case.

ok, i just figured out the the AUX input chanels in pro rools are the same like group chanel in cubase.
problem solved. thanks!