Aux track in cubase to make multiband compressor

Hi I have seen a video on you tube showing how to create a multiband compressor using aux tracks in pro tools, I am using cubase artist and as it does not have a multi band compressor included I want to try this technique.

Basically the way it works is they set up 4 aux tracks and on each they put a compressor and an eq, the set the settings on eq for each track to isolate the different fequency range ie low, low mids, high mids, high.

Could someone please tell me if cubase has aux channels I can’t find them. I tried using fx Channels but I’m not sure it worked correctly as it didn’t seem to truly isolate the frequencies ie the bass could be heard in the high freq channel.

I know I could buy a plugin but they are expensive so would like to try this until I can afford the real plugin.



there is an older Steinberg MultiBandCompressor (Additional Content Cubase SX) that will also work in Cubase Artist:

here are very good MBC´s for free (!)


routing solution:

create 4 Group Channels (Insert MBC, copy this plugin, press solo in every band)
use Sends (aka. “Aux”) to send your audio signal to the Group channels (MBC´s)

have fun,

I think you could create 4 group tracks and send your audio to all 4 at once. It’s long winded though and wll probably be a pain in the butt for you.

Try googling ‘free multi band vst compressor’ – you’ll get a lot of results. I dont know which ones are good or bad though. Maybe try reading some reviews about the ones you find before choosing.

Thanks for the help, I’ll try all of the above ! :smiley: