Aux's and Inserts with Avid Artist Mix

Hi -
Posted over in the Avid forums - nothing but crickets over there. Wrong crowd maybe :slight_smile:

First post for me now that I’m up and running with my new Avid Artist Mix. It seems that if I want to use the Artist Mix to select a plugin for my aux sends in Nuendo, that 2 things are funky.

  1. The enumeration of available send outputs is strange. It enumerates them from the last one to the first one, so I have to page through a bunch of outputs I don’t want before I get to the one I do.
  2. Once I finally choose one of the outputs (say a UAD reverb), when I select it, it does not place the plugin in the first Aux send slot - it puts it randomly down the line somewhere (usually in the 4th or 5th slot). This makes it difficult if I want to see all the plugins in the first slot…

I hope that makes sense.

Is there any way to make sure that when I select a plugin using the controller, that it uses the first available Aux send slot first, then goes down the line? Otherwise I’ll have to lay them in by hand the old way, which is fine but sort of defeats the purpose…

Can’t say I am experiencing these issues. Firmware version on the unit? EuControl version? Sure you’re operating things correctly?

As far as assigning the sends goes, it will use whatever slot you choose when you push in the knob after going into CFG mode. If you the first knob it should assign in the first slot…


This I did not know. I thought that pressing the knob under the selected track after entering channel mode was the way to assign a plugin to that track. Didn’t realize that everything moved across the board at that point and knob one was slot one…


:slight_smile: No worries

You can go into channel view to view that particlar channel’s parameters across all displays otherwise you will view a particular parameter for all visible channels.

e.g. Channel view shows sends 1-8 for track 1. The other view shows send 1 for tracks 1-8