Auyomation offset

I am drawing mute automation into a project pia part, I insert a mute-off message right at the beginning of the measure I want to hear (as I have on evert other version of Cubase), nothing until the next note. Of course I tried inserting earlier in the preceding measure, but couldn’t determine how much offset I need, this should work right, that’s why I do it manually. Is there some kind of offset in C6.5 that I don’t know about?

Tried it here and it works like it should and always has.
Does this happen in a particular project or all of them?
Audio or instrument track?

This is the only that I have tried it in so far, It is a midi track. it has to be offset 20 increments to work and doesn’t work at that every time, I just did a work around and muted in the midi editor, but this is worrysome. I think that I have some sync problems on top of my spelling problems (Auyomation) oh well!!

Oh, I’ve never muted a midi track before, but now I have and it seems like you might have found yourself a bug.
An additional observation is that if you move the cursor while in play (by clicking on the timeline) you can get very varying results regarding what is silent and what is not.

Update your first post with a step-by-step description how to make the problem appear and enter [bug]? in the title.


I have this problem also.
I always assumed it was to do with latency compensation as I always need to increase the offset when I use plugins with a larger latency like look-ahead limiters, external effects or UAD plugins.
Not sure why automation is not part of the latency compensation system that works perfectly well in other areas of Cubase?

Can confirm this as well. Always worked around it by pulling the automation back a bit. It’s the same for midi send enable on midi tracks.