Availability and performance

Wondering when these will be available in Canada and what type of latency performance will we be seeing with these units?

Yeah, i’m wondering about the latency too…

Saw a demo today. With a buffer of 256, it had a input latency of 8.4 and output of 9.6.

Looks like availability for the rack unit will be end of Oct/beginning of Nov. Just for the dedicated volume know, I would prefer it over my MR816csx.

I’m also very curious as to the latency and performance, but I guess these units have just started to ship. So all you guinea pigs out there, please chime in !

I ordered one (I know, SUCKER!) so I’ll let you know.

Just got my UR824. I’ll test tomorrow but I like the build of the MR816 better so far.

Well, I think I was getting better performance from my MR81CSX. Here is what I’m getting with the UR824:
Buffer Input Latency Output Latency
1024 28.435 32.426
512 16.825 19.819
256 10.023 12.018
128 7.120 8.118

I think with my MR816 I was getting
512 11.xxx 14.xxx

I’m thinking of getting one to compliment my 2x 816’s for live recording to a laptop via usb so I’d have the two 816’s connected into the UR giving 24 ins/outs.

what are your general impressions of sound/performance etc?


Let me play with it more, but I think the pres/converters are the same as MR816.

Well today I tried using Rev-X as a VST plugin since the manual states that VST versions are available. But got a message that the license did not exist and then Nuendo 5.5 crashed :frowning:

Wanted to make a note that the “inserts” that existed on the MR816 are not present in the UR824.

do you mean the physical inserts on channels 1 and 2 on the MR816?

I presume that they’ll still work as before if you connect the 816 to the UR via ADAT which is what I have in mind.

I also have an RME HDSP so my choices with the UR and two 816’s could be:

1: use the RME in my main DAW an connect all 24 in/out (16 from the MR and 8 from the UR) to the RME via ADAT and use total mix

2: Use the UR directly with the DAW and have the two 816’s feeding the ADAT ports on the UR giving 24 IO

3: Keep using the MR 816’s via FW and connect the UR via ADAT

I would use method 2 for my laptop for location recording which is my main reason for adding the UR.


OK so put in my Rev-X and Sweet spot morphing channel strip and no more crashes. Nice to have these as VST 3 plugins. Working well so far. The only thing I like better on the MR816 are the knobs.

I hooked up both units and listened through headphones. They sounded the same. Here is the latency and VST performance info I noted (Samples, Input Latency, Output Latency):

1024 28.435 32.426
512 16.825 19.819
256 10.023 12.018
128 7.120 8.118
vst performance 18% at 1024 samples

1024 24.739 31.905
512 13.129 20.295
256 7.324 14.490
128 4.422 11.587
vst performance 15% at 1024 samples

thanks Sunshy,

so the UR is about 3 ms more delay than the MR for the same buffer size, interestingly the output latency is less on the UR than the MR for the same buffer size.

Do you know if you connect an extra 16 channels into the ADAT ports whether you can have direct monitoring on all 24 channels?


Sorry, I cannot test this as I’ve sold my MR816. But now I kind of regret it :frowning:

I just installed my UR824, and have measured the latency through Native Instrument’s Kontakt 4 (@44.100).

Samples, Processing, Output, Overall
32 0.7 4.3 5.0
128 2.9 4.3 7.2
256 5.8 4.3 10.1
512 11.6 4.3 15.9

By comparison, my MOTU 828mkII (via Firewire) gives the following results:

32 0.7 0.7 1.4
128 2.9 0.7 3.6
256 5.8 0.7 6.5
512 11.6 0.7 12.3

Unfortunately, no Input latency is shown. I would say, however, that these values don’t look very good compared to the older interface, even if they should still be usable. I don’t know if these high values are a matter of using the USB instead of the Firewire on a Mac, or something else (for example, a not-so-recent Mac. The UR824 is the only device connected to that USB bus.

Kontakt also reveals that, when idle, it takes slightly more CPU when using the MOTU, rather than the Steinberg (~8.9 instead of ~8.1). Either the Firewire subsystem, or the MOTU driver, seem to use a bit more threads.

Going on doing my tests. In any case, this things sounds really, really good!


Here is another take:


Performance is horrible on my system, but it does sound good. If I hadn’t sold my MR, I would have sold this unit. I’m probably looking to get an RME UFX. Wish I would have gotten it in the first place and saved myself the headache.