Availability of the UR816c

I’m looking at upgrading my old Steinberg FW interface and was looking at the UR816c, but I don’t see it available anywhere. Is there any date on when it will be back in stock?

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I’ve been to the Steinberg store. It says the UR816C is “Available soon” and unable to order right now.

Maybe in your country?
For me it says available.

Probably. I can’t find anyone in the US that has them in stock.

I’m have trying just now and select US and this show me available.


Yes its like this. And I’m living in Sweden
And here we have on the music mag to.

I am in the US and see this: You say you see the exact same thing aside from Available Soon?

Way it one moment my screen

Sweetwater does not even list it and B&H shows it as discontinued.

can’t make out what you are saying

That’s great, if you live in Sweden. All the US distributors are not carrying it anymore.

So can I help you with something?

steinberg ur816c - Google Search

I ended up contacting the Steinberg distributor in my country (Canada) and buying their last demo unit. Works great! Maybe look for used?

What did you mean?

I was told they were discontinued in Canada, but the distributor had a demo unit.

I’m looking for new equipment. I have an old MR816 and I’m looking to replace it with something comparable, without spending $3000. I’m now looking at the FocusRite products.