Available now: Colors Vintage Synth

Dear all,

we just released a new instrument from the Cinematique Instruments Colors series called Colors Vintage Synth. It is a wonderful collection of iconic sampled synthesizer sounds, which have been processed with different analog devices and then combined to create something completely new. Melt three synth layers together with an extra noise and theremin layer, then warp them further with LFOs, a mini-ARP and an FX section.

Find out more on the product page here

Or watch Doms playthrough on our YouTube Channel.

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I reached out to cinematique instruments for support and I have to say, the response was appalling. Are they typically this bad?

I liked the ‘free’ colors vintage synth but it had preset and recall issues. Emails directly to them got no response and when one did arrive, it was basically ‘F off’! I sent a polite reply in the hope I just got the ‘idiot of the day’, but nothing. Bit of a shame.

@Florian_Haack anything you can do to push support queries or does the Steinberg part of it stop at selling the product on their behalf? Thanks

Hi SteveBee, thanks for making me aware of this. Can you send me some details in a private message? I will see what I can do…

Thanks Florian, will do.

I had exactly the same experience with them some time ago. :roll_eyes:

@Florian_Haack kindly gave them a nudge and I got a response. Though havce to say I got detail out of Florian than I did from Cinematique Instruments support team. The main issue I was having re presets is indeed fixed.

Was it an issue where the volume levels aren’t saving in the Easel tab with the custom preset? That’s what I’ve run into.

Hi, yes, plus a few other issues.