Avantone Mono listening setup


I wanted to know if anyone could explain how to set up an Avantone ‘mix-cube’ in Cubase 9.5 (in as simplistic a way as possible for a newbie)

I have a Steinberg UR44 audio interface and have been struggling trying to setup the mixcube in Cubase -

My intention is to be able to create a way to ‘flick’ between the mixcube and my stereo speakers so that I can monitor between the sets of speakers quickly.

As it stands so far I have the mixcube plugged into the back of the UR44 (in Line output 1) and, whilst it is producing sound, the studio monitors are also producing sound at the same time! I cannot separate them and so have to manually get up and turn down the volume on the mixcube and then turn up the volume on my output knob on the UR44 (which is a slow way to work).

I have researched the internet to see how to set it up but cannot find anything that explains the potential routing process (at least that I can understand).

If anyone can help ne out that would be amazing, thanks.

You want to use control room.

You can set up different sets of monitors and switch between them.


What is “Cubase 9.5” …? :unamused:

Thanks Manike

(Svennilenni - as for Cubase 9.5 google it and it will show you Steinberg’s info re: Cubase vs. 9.5)