Avatar Specs... ???

Hello. First post - and what a way to start!

Every friggen image (size/format) I offered up for for an avatar was rejected. :imp: Please - someone save me further time and frustration:

What are the required specs for the goddam avartar image!? :smiling_imp:

hello, Ian … from New Zeeland … you’re late! :mrgreen:
max 50kb
there was a post on the old forum that I happened to see …

Ta. :smiley: And my next question… where is my profile so I can go back and edit it? And why isn’t part of the user Control Panel?


vic_france ask your question there in the topic by yours truly called “the Big Bang”.

But I can’t click on links in here without coming to a login page where I’m not logged in anymore, so I log in again and wind up at the board index and have no clue to where I am. See if you have any better luck?


Whoooah! Now it worked! :open_mouth: :sunglasses:

I was poking around with the cookies in Firefox … maybe it helped after all.

Ok, how did you do that? I just get sent back to the login screen… :unamused:

No further questions!
i.e. I have no f_u_cking clue! :mrgreen:

[edit some more]

I’m not THAT impressed with phpBB3 … or the handling … :unamused:


but you can navigate manually to “the Big Bang” topic … once.

altough they have to do something about this login routines or it will drive everybody nuts.

I’m also having similar issues, made a sig ( from my old account ) and it didn’t work, tried to go back to edit my profile and promptly got lost, guess we’ll have to get used to navigating around as some things don’t make sense ( to me ) :imp:

I’ll try the sig & Avatar thing later :unamused:

Well, I figured it out. It seems you have to go back to the MySteinberg to edit your profile details. :neutral_face:

Hi Sherz!

Glad to see you got your Avatar sorted. I like most of what I see about this new forum… except the weird pear shaped smileys… Plus there’s not enough of them. Leave it to me to gripe about really small trivial stuff. :wink:

Looks like we all are going to jump this little hurdle, part of the start up fun :mrgreen:

We’ll get there. :slight_smile: Meanwhile, yeah… I agree the emoticons style and selection are a tad tragic :neutral_face:

max 50kb

Indeed, the maximum is twice as that size: 100 KB!
If you can handle it :wink:

In addition, the allowed formats:
jpeg, jpg, gif and png


…and as Ian and “Split” demonstrated, animated gifs

I was perplexed by the lack of the profile section in the UCP. Strange it’s in myfirststeinberg though.

Still 100x100 is big enough to Stormin Norman!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Split… the Atom. Was quite chuffed when I found that gif :smiley:

Yeah, four goes until I gissed it.