AVB Ethernet Interfaces work with C8 ?

Just discovered this new technology - does anyone know if C8 will work with these interfaces from MOTU ? AVB sounds great if it works with C8.


Bump? Anybody?

As far as I understand it, on windows you’ll need to connect via USB for audio streaming. You can use the AVB thing to control the interface and to combine multiples but you will still be connected to Cubase/Windows as a usb interface with an ASIO driver which will of course work with Cubase.

Thanks for the reply Grim.
What I am really interested in is the AVB capability to use Ethernet for A/V data transmission If you go to the MOTU website and follow the AVB links to the technical info sites it looks like a major upgrade for the reliability of A/V data trans and sync over Ethernet. Is anyone else interested and/or planning to get a AVB interface? If so what is the status of Cubase 8 usage with this new technology? I wish the mods would weigh in on this one…?

My understanding is that it would work. I think AVB is completely transparent to the DAW. The extra INs and OUTs should just appear over ASIO inside of Cubase.

Basically, just like a MADI interface, only more channels and cheaper.

I’m looking at getting two, for two computers to matrix 32 stereo channels between them.

I’d be running a second copy of Cubase on the second machine, synced, and with the INs / OUTs exposed under VST System Link (which should work fine with their pure digital connections).

The second machine would be a 64 channel digital summing box, essentially.