average audio processing load - cubase freezes

For some reason my project has just started freezing, the average audio processing load shoots up to 100% and then fluctuates between about 95-100% causing cubase to freeze. When I load the project it works fine for a while, then the average audio processing load just shoots up to max and cubase stops responding. The project only has 22 tracks, mostly samples, no virtual instruments. Its just started happening from nowhere. I have a pretty powerful system so system resources aren’t a problem (Ive had many other project with way more tracks and lots of virtual instruments that work without any issues)

Windows 10 Pro 64bit

Intel core i9-7920X CPU 2.90 GHz (12 core)

cubase pro 10.5.20

can anyone shed any light on this issue ?


I would recommend to increase your Audio Device Buffer Size.

Could you test your system by using LatencyMon utility, please?

i’d also be interested in some more official hints.

my average load regularly reaches 100% then causing drop outs, some quite long. it exceeds 70% already regularly when in stop, with play it then goes up. real-time peak at 5-10% in general.

system should be good enough, cubase10 artist, windows10 home, 32GB RAM, i5-8300, system disk just 250GB but <50% used, libraries all on another ssd.

before paying 100EUR for LatencyMon some furhter hints were appreciated.


LatencyMon Home edition is free


thank you very much, I apologize.

nice program, it seems there are some to do’s now

Try disabling hyperthreading in your BIOS, then try again.

Disabling hyperthreading helped me a bit. Still when my project has over 10 or so audiotracks and maybe 1-2 plugins on every track average load is going crazy and starts to drop audio. I´ve tried everything now, only way to work is freeze most of the tracks so I can continue mixing. Does anybody know would reinstalling Cubase help in this case?

Since disabling my virtual cores (only when running cubase 10.5), I haven’t had a single ASIO realtime processing overload during normal playback or live recording.

My specs, which used to be in my signature until my sig was converted into an angry protest against a pattern of dishonesty that I saw here –

Intel i7 7800x 6/12 core @ 4.1ghz
Asrock x299 taichi MB - all stock config.
32gb ram
Nvidia 1080ti
Focusrite scarlett 8i6 gen 3
Cubase 10.5 + maschine2 + mk3
Akai advance 49 + vip.
Microkorg xl+.

Since disabling virtual cores, I’ve jammed and produced inside this environment for 1000+ hours without a single issue. However my maximum vst/fx loads are relatively low - I doubt I’ve had to load more than 10-12 instrument/instances and I run efficient send fx whenever possible. I don’t freeze or render anything until late in my process. Maschine2 makes it very easy to chain tons of fx inside each of its groups, and many factory library groups come with inefficiently routed (all individual) fx, but I’ve had zero trouble with HT disabled in BIOS. As soon as I turn HT back on, I get erratic performance/spikes in ANY project, whether I’ve got 1-2 instruments/tracks, or 10+. Makes no difference in my environment. A blank project will sometimes peak, lol.

With HT off, occasionally I will look down and see the ASIO meter indicating that it has hit red at some point over hours of playing, but usually those max spikes occurr when loading an instrument or some other process that I do not notice, but those spikes do not persist nor bother the audio outputs at all. That’s my experience anyway.