Average Audio Processing Load dropouts, despite high end PC with low usage

Hey all!

I have audio droppouts with average audio processing load peaking but monitoring my machine im barely exceeding 36% cpu and 8/32 gigs of memory what the hell gives!? This is enough to make me want to switch daws after a decade. Using multiple instances of plugins but shouldnt matter if it isnt putting a dent in my pc right??


Have you tried to install and launch LatencyMon for a while ? This one could give you indications about what could be wrong in your setup.

Beside this, more precisions about your system components and plug-ins actually used would be welcomed…

I have not tried that but will look into it!

I have Win 10, Cubase 10.5, running a Lynx Hilo for interface, set to really high buffer, like 4096 and still have trouble long before my computer indicates I am using anything substantial.

I am using cpu hungry plugs like Soothe 2 with max quality settings as well as Equillibrium by DMG in the FIR filter mode. But still, regardless of what they utilize, my machine isnt struggling. So not sure where the problem lies other than Cubase itself handling these tasks.


Thanks for the screnshot : everything seems almost normal…

I write ‘almost’ because there is an item (Highset DPC execution time) in which, as often in these kind of cases, a nVidia related stuff is showing its ugly head. Strange to see how one of the two main video cards builder is still unable to get its drivers right, after all these years… :roll_eyes:

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was, at least, one of the culprits for the deceiving performances of your setup…

Beside this, could you give more precisions about the components of your system (CPU, RAM, disks, and so on…) ?

Have you made the Nvidia tweak to prefer maximum performance in 3D settings.

Something else to look at is your core loading. Overall cpu use may only be 36% but with a particularly heavy plugin chain on the master bus for example you could still be overloading a single core.

Ya i’ve had tons of weird issues with other a/v related work that came down to Nvidia drivers. But what to dooo.

cpu: Intel(R) Core™ i9-9900K CPU @ 3.60GHz 3.60 GHz

32gb ram.

nvme primary drive with ssd secondary for data.

@Grim what is the Nvidia tweak could you elaborate? Just a simple power setting or something?

Radeon could be your friend as it is mine…

Beside this, yep, your system should be able to cope with any reasonable Cubase project (in tracks count), even with the plug-ins you have evoked. Be sure to have as much stuff as possible that could bring harware interrupions deactivated, while using Cubase, though (wifi, CPU park, etc.).

Well I think its probably just time to make the switch to PT. Its been years dealing with the crap, I could update but a quick search still shows people tinkering with settings in regards to the performance quirks. I just want something that works. I’ll take the hit on features, GUI and whatever for uninterrupted creative freedom.