Average audio-processing load

I have recently upgraded to Pro 9 with the update .20
I had a fairly large project going in version 8 and all was well.
When starting the same project in 9 the A.A.P.L. bar peaked and the song doesn’t play for more than 5 to 10 seconds before stopping.
Since that started happening I have upgraded my video card, done many audio tweaks, and removed all waves plugins. The load bar did go down after removing the waves plugins, but it still stops.

I know you want computer info, so I’ll get on that. But if you are already on this, let me know.

Rod Brace

Win7, mb- asus p6x58d, 24 gigs ram, quad core i7 - intel 2.8 ghz, Nvidia Quadra fx3800, fireface 800, 320 gig ssd for system, and 1 tb 7200 rpm for data.