Average Cubase user symphonic rock experiment

I publish this yesterday and Impressions click-through rate is zero :slight_smile:
I do my best to sound like a real song like 4 days i edit, violins still can not catch it legato smoothly.

Any suggestion would be much appreciated


I think there are good elements and not so good elements in you tune. Some of the string parts could sound quite good using a better sample library. Some parts would need further work on them to be convincing as string arrangements. As a whole the tune sounds quite rigid, i.e. everything seems to be quantized to the grid.

I like the bass line. The bass sound could have more low end to it. The electric guitar sounds too feeble to me.

Amen to all what you said.
My sample library is limited. About the electric guitar i can only guess how cool it would sound with the real guitar player, like David Gilmour style and of course group of violin players, and the bass and drum player :slight_smile:

Could do with some ghost strokes here & there on the snare too.
I’d be happy to have a go at playing guitar on it.

Above all, it’s well co-ordinated and nice to listen to. :slight_smile:

Oh sure i can alter the drum part and bass too. There was symphonic choir style before it starts but i cut it off. If you guys help me play whatever you can play live that would be priceless. I wish i could play an instrument
Give me a day or two, i will be back :pray: