Average Load & Real-Time Peak Overloading

I have recently re installed windows and done a full reinstall of cubase aswell
Since the new install even the smallest projects seem to be struggling with overload of peaktime and average load.

Average load seems to sit at around 65% and spike to around 80%
where as peak time has a nice consistent 90% spiking to 100%

I’ve attached a picture of the project which my computer could of easily handled before this resintall as it only has 2 VST Channels, 6 Audio channels & 3 FX channels.

I’ve tried turning ASIO- Guard off and that doesn’t seem to do anything.

My specs are

Computer :
Intel i7-2600k CPU @ 3.4
Windows 7 Professional SP1
64-bit OS

D.A.W Cubase 7.0.4
Audio Interface: Steinberg MR816x
Hardware : Access Virus Ti Keyboard (which i am also using as a MIDI keyboard)


It also tells me the “cpu has overloaded” quite regularly when i try and export in real time.

Please help

Did you tried the update to 7.0.5 to see if helps?

Just updated to 7.0.5 then and the problem is still persisting … I’m a bit lost. :cry:

asio buffer size ?

Most important question is your ASIO Buffer size in this case.

sorry Marcus I was in a rush today , my apologises :wink:

I made my ASIO rate higher (512) and it helped it a fair amount.
although it still seems to be struggling with certain plugins added (izotope Ozone5 & Nexus really hit it hard).

A friend also suggested using J-Bridge instead of the stock VST bridge.

It is a bit concerning though as even with minimal channels it still hovers around 40-50% of load,