AVG 2012 ruined me, working alternatives?

Cubase and AVG have always coexisted pretty well in my studio.Not that anti-virus isn’t without its problems, but they were manageable. I wish I had made the connection that my hard drive bus issues were AVG 2012- (this is the first version that has caused such problems) -related because that would’ve saved me three days of fresh installs from Windows on up. Something about AVG is interrupting the drive bus even in the most bare projects and even though the audio drive is separate from the OS and on a different SATA bus.

So after the fresh installs I discovered that my problem continued, and finally id’d AVG as the culprit in what was really a system-wide slow down. I mean even the start menu was lagging to the tune of several seconds. This should not be happening on an i7 processor.

i can handle minimum web access on the studio machine. I went without it entirely for months at a time. But so much of my work is uploaded to clients now and it’s inevitable that I’ll be doing some minimally risky surfing from time to time. What do you guys use that is safe with Win7, Cubase 5, 64 bit?

My DAW is never connected so I don’t need an AV, but for my other Internet computers (4 ) I use Avira and it is so much better than AVG, which I used for years until it became bloatware and giving too many false positives.

Here’s the link for the free version of Avira :


There are others. like Avast etc but Avira is what I use.

Use Microsoft Security Essentials and not 3rd party anti-virus.

Good call. Security Essentials seems to leave the hard drive alone. Can’t believe I lost a week of work on this garbage. :imp: Thanks for the recommendation. :smiley:

Avira here too, works great and it doesn’t interfere with anything yet. In the 4 years or so I’ve been using it on several computers with different OS, I’ve only twice had a false positive which was fixed with an update within 24 hours. Avira >>> AVG imo, I’ve seen AVG in action on other people’s PC’s who came to me asking why their PC was so slow. Have a guess :wink: