Avid app Euconn and Cubase - next episode of the Soap

The new avid app is a promising Eucon solution, the only problem is, once some one goes above a certain number of tracks, a pop up box appears and states “Eucon.The number of allowable hardware channels has been exceeded. This may render the application unstable”

Once that happens it’s a crash fest! Try and close the project down and another box pops up to say it’s “releasing Dixon channels” and the hour glass starts spinning but doesn’t stop, it’s reboot time!

Loads of steinberg users reporting this on forums, who’s big is it this time Avid or Steinberg? You can guess what each party says…

What a soap opera, it would almost be funny if it did not cost lots of money for controllers, tablets and time.

This has certainly been experienced by many people, including myself. However, I managed to solve this problem and the app works perfectly. Unfortunately I can’t tell you precisely what fixed it as I changed a few things at the same time:

-Updating Cubase, Eucontrol and all my Avid controller firmwares to the latest versions.
-Moving from Win8 to Win10.
-Changing my wireless router.

One of the above cured it for me and if I were to guess, I’d say it was changing the router.

Tried moving position of things in the eucon setup but to no avail, what the highest number of tracks you hive? Can’t seem to go go up to 30 so all projects already done just crash, reboot and have another go buts it w waste of time. I wone be investing a penny more in Avid/Eucon/Steinberg if these really annoying things piling up and never getting fixed.

When I had this issue, it was a very specific number of tracks that would trigger a crash every single time - something like 32 tracks. Now though, I can run any number of tracks with no issues at all. I’ve probably had up to 200 tracks running.

One other thing to mention is that my iPad is several years old and is not running the latest version of iOS. I’d have to check which version/model it is but it’s certainly quite old.

Yes it’s through creating a new project with 48 tracks and then reducing the count it’s 32, including send, returns, groups etc. iPad hear is older and pd wouldn’t download the app so tried it on Fire HD 10. what’s interesting is that different things are not working on android phone compared to Fire tablet.