Avid Arstist Mix owners - question for you

Considering adding multiple Avid Artist Mixes with Cubase. I have learned that hiding tracks in the Cubase mixer will not sync and hide on the Artist Mixes under Eucon. Has anyone tried using the Avid Mixes in Cubase under Mackie Control?

Just wondering if this would work as it does in other controllers using the Mackie Control protocol.


Artist controllers do not support the mackie protocol - they use Eucon. There is no way around that. (Eucon communicates via LAN/Ethernet!)

Cheers, Ernst

And: Steinberg definitely promised to be working on the visibility synch. We are waiting for a clear statement when this will be delivered to us.


My Artist Mix supports Eucon, MackieControl, and HUI. The Eucon software has settings that can turn those Lan/Ethernet signals into the other formats for use in DAWs that don’t support Eucon. I use my Artist Mix in Studio One this way (S1 offers no Eucon support).

I wouldn’t be surprised if Steinberg doesn’t release any updates to Eucon at this point because they don’t want to do anything to strengthen Avid’s hand. It may have been one thing to support Eucon when it was just Euphonix developing it, but now that Avid has taken over, has Steinberg released any Eucon updates since? I hope I’m wrong on that because ultimately the end-users suffer by having more limited options and less competition, but I’m not optimistic.

Ah yes, I stand corrected. I is possible to switch to “MackieControl” - I did that in the past - and could not observe anything more positive concerning visibility. But I may be wrong there.

Still there is the promise from Steinberg - it was very concrete, something like “the developers are already working on it”…

I feel like that was mentioned in the past in one of the other Eucon threads and that MackieControl didn’t solve for it either. Plus then you use some Eucon functionality. But don’t take my word for it, if you have an Artist Series controller, I’d suggest giving it a shot.