Avid Artist and Hidden Tracks

I’m thinking of getting an Avid Artist controller setup (probably 1 Transport and 2 x Artist Mix).

Can anyone tell me… When I hide channels in Cubase, will they also become hidden on the Artist Mix? I have read conflicting information on this so would be good to get an up to date answer.

No… but if you disable an audio track, it will then also be reflected on the Artist Series contollers!


That’s very disappointing to hear. I suppose it’s anybodies guess if this would ever be fixed, and quite possibly it will never be fixed.

I might rethink my plan now as I work with quite high track counts and was hoping to be able to program soft keys on the Transport unit to let me show/hide groups of channels on the Mix Console. For example a soft key to bring up all my drum tracks, another to bring up all my vocal tracks etc.

I guess there is no way of doing this currently? I’d just have to use the bank keys to navigate through all my channels? My projects can often have over 150 channels so I can imagine this becoming a bit annoying if I only have 16 faders.

If you’re considering the Artist Series controllers… you might check out the AVID DUC forum if you haven’t already!

You can do that! I have seen several post on the AVID forum suggesting that it is possible, but I have not personally made those assignments, so I don’t have a procedure for you to follow.

You know… even with their software short comings, the Artist Series controllers are heavily integrated with Cubendo… even more so than Pro Tools, and they also provide more flexibility than most other options!

If you can navigate through the mine field of issues others are having with the software… you might find that they’re definitely a worth while option…I know I do!

But also… that they are NOT for the faint of heart!



AFAIK, the tracks on the AC+AM are always following the MC selection in Cubendo.
Means - if you have various MC configurations stored - and you recall it, the Artists are following.
(And the MC configurations, 8 in total, can be addressed by EUCON or by KC put into EUCON)


Thanks for the replies. I’ve had a look on DUC and in the manual and it seems like the solution is to use the ‘Layouts’ feature. Sounds like it will get me the functionality I want, albeit in not such a straightforward way as Cubase hidden tracks. I just ordered a Mix and a Transport to start with so fingers crossed it works out well. I’m pretty sure it will be better than the Mackie Control Pro I used to have which I found was very poorly integrated with Cubase and not a great deal of use.

no the hidden tracks are not hidden on the mc mix. And for me it is better that way as I want to have access on the hidden tracks with the mc mix. For the purpose you mention, havin drum tracks only, or vocals only… I do that way…
I create a group track for each “familly” of tracks I want this type of access, I place this track before the audio tracks assigned to it. I lock these groups on the first mc mix (you can lock and choose the assignations on the mc mix). when selecting this group on the left mc mix and hiting the “next track” button on my faderport, the second mc mix display all the tracks of this group (the 8 first)… very fast and usefull. This is the way I do it.

Another way is to create “templates” in the mc mix software and saving them. Then you can recall them, but it is not very fast. So I save only my template with the assignation of my locked groups and tracks on the left mc mix. And when I open a cubase session it is recalled instantly.