Avid artist control advice anyone?

Just added an avid artist control and mix, really impressed with Eucon and the level of “out of the box” integration with cubase, a whole new world to be explored!

One thing has caused a WTF head scratch though, on first run, it launched, opened and closed all the channel inserts wonderfully, switched it on day and when I called up eq, it opened up the built in Steinberg channel eq, not the plugin of choice from yesterday though all the other inserts are just fine

If anyone using this amazing little box of tricks could put any pointers on this it would be really helpful, I’ve obviously done something!

Any other tips on customising the soft keys or getting the cubase key commands onto it would be greatly appreciated, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of videos on YouTube regarding using it with cubase.

Yes, The EQ button on EuCon controllers brings up the Cubase channel EQ. I’ve never known it be any other way, although the documentation for Cubase/EuCon is very thin on the ground so there can always be features that one isn’t aware of.

My first tip would be make sure you use the Remote Control Editor to customise the layout of your plugin parameters. It makes it massively more intuitive if you have all your compressor plugins display Ratio on knob #1, Threshold on knob #2, Gain on knob #3 etc.

Doh! I’m a dumbo! It’s just a matter of hitting the inserts encoder and then the page to get at the eight inserts! Loving it more and more even if it’s so simple it’s confusing!

Thanks for your reply though, yes, info is it a bit on the ground but found a clip on you tube that shows how to set up soft keys to insert VSTi tracks so on a roll with that, a bit different to the key command strokes but all in time, have hardly touched the qwerty keyboard since getting it :slight_smile: