Avid Artist MC

I just installed Avid Artist MC and Artist Mix controllers and I cannot seem to make the jog wheel behave in the same way as the CMC AI jog wheel. Has anyone had any success getting this to work? I have searched the forums and the net generally but either I do not understand the suggestions or the recommendations don’t work (probably because I don’t understand what is being said). The Eucon editor purportedly enables Cubase key commands to be assigned to the Avid hardware but I do not understand the ‘TU Wheel’ commands like ‘Shuttle Zone 0’ or ‘Transition 0 to 1’ and so on. I have searched high and low for a Steinberg support document for its Eucon implementation but no luck…

I have tried this with various release levels of Eucon ranging from 2.7 to 3.1

Anyhow, if anyone has figured this out please help this old ignoramus out…


I can try…

I assume by “Artist MC” you mean Artist Control? I don’t own a CMC Ai unit, so I have no idea how that unit’s jog function behaves.

It would help me understand your problem if you would just state what you are trying to get the jog wheel on the Artist Control to do!

The ‘TU (Transport Unit) Wheel’ commands pertain to the Artist Transport specifically… those commands have to do with where the shuttle speed transitions (Slow, Slower, Slowest, or Fast, Faster, Fastest) happen as you advance the Artist Transport more backward, or forward respectively.

There is more information on these commands in the Artist Transport, and Artist Control manuals from the AVID Artist Series Support page!
The AVID DUC (forum) also has some good information how to setup the Artist Units!

In the meantime… please explain exactly what you are trying to do, and I’ll try to help!


Thanks for responding. The AI Jog feature scrolls at a fixed speed irrespective of the project window zoom level. This makes it easy to move quickly from one spot in a track to another using a minimal horizontal zoom value and also enables extremely detailed cursor movements at high horizontal zoom levels.

In the meantime I am using the CMC AI for jogging and leaving the Control jog wheel set for horizontal zooming which appears to be working well.

Ah! I think I know what you mean!

When I jog on the Control… It tends to be jumpy and less precise, especially when zoomed in tight! It seems as if it is sending the commands at a lower resolution!

I also have an Artist Transport, which doesn’t do that… It is completely smooth (higher resolution) when I jog, and is also very precise.

I tried the Artist Control wheel sensitivity adjustment in EuControl, but that just makes you have to move the wheel more clicks (that detented wheel sucks!) before it actually registers the same jog distance.

It sounds like you have a good workaround!

Like I said earlier… the Artist Transport Is completely smooth, so it isn’t a Cubase problem.

It could be that the Control sends a different EuCon jog command than the Transport does, but I don’t know that for sure, or even if that can be changed if necessary.

You should surely post this question over at the AVID forum, someone there is sure to help!

AVID Artist Series Support Forum!

Thanks again for responding. I agree that the jog command sent by Control is different from the CMC (and I assume Artist Transport). The CMC jog wheel does not illuminate the jog icon in the transport bar but Control does. I tried to sift through key commands to find the jog command that matches the AI controller and could not so perhaps its under the covers somewhere. In any event thanks for the assistance, greatly appreciated!

You are very welcome!

Let us know if you find a solution!


Will do… Thanks!


There is no current capability to edit the functionality of the Jog wheel in Artist Control, only Artist Transport.
I can certainly live with using the CMC AI controller so its not that big a deal. I have to say I am incredibly impressed with Eucon - it appears to harvest most if not all of Cubase’s menu features and displays them over several pages on the Control’s surface display. Fader response is great and I look forward to deeper diving with plugin editing.

I hope Avid continues to develop the protocol (seems they will given the new ‘S’ series desks use Eucon) and I certainly hope Steinberg will continue to support it.

Actually there is.
You create a soft key assignment so then when it is pushed, the Artist Control Jog wheel will take on the function you assign to it, until it is pushed again.
You go to Eucontrol and go to the “softkey” tab, there you will find a drop down window with the different devices that you can program.
Select TU Wheel, (I know you don’t own it, but that does not matter)
Double click the “Jog” button.
A window pops up, at the top select “Add” ,a window pops up to name your new custom command.
After you name it, you are left with a screen that has the drop down menu for “Turn Jog Right” and “Turn Jog Left”
So what you need to do in Cubase is, assign a keyboard keycommand to what you want the jog wheel to do when you turn right and left, this can be anything, in your case JOG. This will give you alittle better resolution that the default Eucon JOG rate.
Now on this screen under Command drop down menu, select “Key” and enter the Cubase Keycommand you want to trigger.
Do the same for the “Turn Jog Left”.
now close that window
Back on the “softkeys” tab select “surface” or “touchscreen” depending on where you want to put the button to “activate” the special jog function.
after selecting a location
Select the “command” to program to that softkey
THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART in the command drop down menu, your going to select “wheel”
then in the Wheel drop down menu on the right select the icon that look like an MC Control
and select “Jog”
under that in the “function” drop down menu, Select you custom jog function you named.
now when you hit that softkey, the jog wheel will take on that function that you programmed until you hit that softkey again to turn it off.

You can put ANY key command on the Jog wheel this way. For example, for Internet Explorer, I programmed Forward and Back on the Jog wheel.
good luck.

Thanks so much… I’ll give this a try.

Hi… I could not make this work as I could not find the correct EUCON command to enable the Jog wheel to act in the same way as the CMC AI controller in ‘Jog’ mode. In any event its not a big deal as I am quite happy to use the AI for scrolling. In fact its actually better because I can use the Control wheel for vertical and horizontal scrolling and the AI for timeline.

All together I am absolutely thrilled with the Control and Mix surfaces… Perfect for my needs and no EUCON glitches.