Avid Artist Problem


I installed EUCON 3.2 (and 3.2.1). and now when starting the Computer it is saying: “ExHUI not found, …”
Controlling Cubase still works, but not always. I found that with all 3.1.x Versions of EUCON there was a file “ExHUI.exe” in the Installation Folder, that is now missing.

Anyone having the same issue?

Cheers, Ernst

I am not experiencing this issue. Did you do a complete Eucon uninstall/resintall?

Hi, yes, i did so (full uninstall, full reinstall).

I found a Workaround: Installed the 3.1.3. Version. Copied ExHUI to a save place. Uninstalled everything and Installed 3.2.1. Copied ExHUI back into the Installation Folder.

Everything works now.

Except for track visibility - McMix and McControl do not follow track visibility in the cubase mixer. should they?

Cheers, Ernst

Good news, glad things are working. Track visibility is still broken for me (it never worked).