Avid Artist Transport -Jog/Shuttle wheel?

I just bought an Artist Transport and am just figuring out how it works.

My first question… does the Jog/Shuttle wheel actually work properly with Cubase?

So far, I have been able to get absolutely no functionality with the shuttle wheel despite trying all sorts of things in the Eucontrol shuttle settings page. (e.g. EuCon commands, key commands etc).

The jog wheel does work, but I haven’t found a way to adjust the jog speed. I can’t see it being that useful as it only jogs quite slowly so in terms of navigating around the project at speed it’ll just be easier to use the mouse.

Also, I can only get the jog wheel to work when I use one of the soft keys to select a function. e.g. jog/zoom etc. It seems that the wheel should have a default function without having to press any additional buttons. It certainly appears that way in the Eucon software but no matter what I try and programin the Jog wheel settings page, it won’t do anything.

Any ideas?

On the Transport:

  1. Press Shift key
  2. Press the first soft key on the Transport (furthest to left)
  3. Press shift again

The transport UI should now show ‘jog position’


Thanks, Jog Position certainly goes a bit faster. Ideally it would be good if the jog speed was dependant on zoom level. i.e. precision when zoomed in and super fast navigation when zoomed out but I haven’t found a way to do this as yet.

I did manage to figure out how to get the shuttle wheel working though. I can see this device being quite useful once you get used to it.